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Virtual Research Environments

A Virtual Research Environment (VRE) is an online tool for researchers to facilitate sharing and collaboration.

VREs give you an integrated online environment with access to shared documents and resources needed in the course of a research project. Documents shared within a VRE can be edited by multiple collaborators in different institutions and locations. VREs make online communication and sharing sources of information a breeze with integrated tools like wikis, blogs, shared calendars and discussion forums.


View the following short video to learn how Leiden researchers are using VREs in their research collaboration.

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Request a VRE

VREs can be set up for research projects that meet the following criteria:

  • The project is funded externally by, for instance, NWO or the ERC.
  • The project has a well-defined start and end date.
  • The research team consist of at least five people.
  • The VRE is used to support a broad range of activities and to manage various types of digital files.
  • One member of the project team has at least two hours weekly to spend on coordination work.


Would you like to have the library set up a VRE for your research project? Please contact your subject librarian. A list of all contact persons, including the subject librarians can be found here. Your subject librarian will contact you to make an appointment for an intake meeting, and guide you through the next steps.

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