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The CDS facilitates the exchange of knowledge in the field of digital scholarship and it creates an environment in which researchers can meet and interact.

Community building, education and information

 The CDS:
• Organises workshops, seminars and lectures
• Develops custom-built courses and workshops, in step with the needs emerging from existing academic curricula.
• Provides information on blogs
• Initiates technological explorations, experimental pilots and projects, and informs stakeholders about the results of these innovations.
• Has open office hours on location.


Storage and access to data and associated metadata: Repository infrastructure.

The CDS manages a repository infrastructure in which objects and metadata can be preserved for the long-term. Specific groups of objects can be made available as a separate collection, and the access to these objects can be either fully open, or more restricted. The objects and metadata can be requested by other parties through standardised exchange protocols, APIs and persistent identifiers. In addition, the repository infrastructure enables an effective reuse of the objects and of the associated metadata.

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