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Donation of two prints and a manuscript

The University Library has received a donation of two prints and a manuscript from Prof.em. dr. D.E.H. de Boer.

Prof. De Boer was professor of Medieval history at the University of Groningen and has written a large number of publications about the Dutch counts and the history of Leiden University, among other subjects. Recently he has retired from his chair in Groningen. With the donation to Leiden University he remembers his old university and former employer.

Two prints by Lucas van Leiden

Of the two prints Prof. De Boer donated one is by Lucas van Leyden (1494-1533), Old man with grapes (B. 151). This engraving was lacking in the collections so far and is thus a welcome addition. The other print is an anonymous copy after Lucas’ Flagellation (B. 48). It’s an undescribed copy after Lucas’ original and the library now holds the original besides the copies by Harmen Jansz. Muller and the newly acquired one.

A manuscript in Arabic

Moreover Prof. De Boer donated an eighteenth-century manuscript from Turkey with Arabic grammatical texts: the Kafiya by the Egyptian author Uthman ibn Umar Ibn al-Hagib (c. 1174-1249) and the Marah al-arwah by the somewhat later author Ahmad ibn Ali ibn Masud. Both texts have been used for centuries all over the Islamic world for teaching Arabic, the language of the Quran [Or. 26.709].

The prints by Lucas van Leyden can be viewed in Digital Special Collections.

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