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Freshly ground coffee and free digital newspapers

Yes. We keep books. But the University Library offers so much more! 11 things that you might not expect from a University Library, but that you will certainly appreciate.

1. Freshly ground coffee

You can get delicious coffee in the University Library's Café UBé: Freshly brewed cappuccinos, espressos or other regular coffee. There are tea, sandwiches and cake too. A moment of indulgence while you catch up with your study mates in the café or on the outside terrace. The other university libraries are near the faculty cafés.

2. Study solo or together

Too much distraction at home to study? There are 1650 workplaces in all shapes and sizes in the libraries. Do you have trouble concentrating in a public area? Take an individual study room, where you can hide from all. If you need to work together you can use a group study room including a smartboard and a conference table.

3. Chill

Why not relax in our lazy lounge chairs: perfect to snuggle up with a magazine, your tablet or … nothing. Some chairs in the University Library offer a fabulous street view of Leiden.

4. Read newspapers: paper or online

Read all significant local, national and international newspapers and magazines. On paper in the library. Or online from your room – or wherever you are with internet access. We have already paid the licenses, so no worries about paywalls. Just log on to our Catalogue with your ULCN.

5. Bring Your Own Device. Or don't.

You can use a computer in the library. Or you can bring your own laptop or other devices: we have WiFi. You can simply log on to the university network. There are plenty of power outlets to keep your batteries running.

6. Watch a movie

You can watch DVDs, Blu-ray and streaming video in the media room at the University Library. In our collections, you can find documentaries and (international) classic movies. Watch by yourself or together in a small group (up to four persons).

7. Stay until late

The University Library is open until midnight. The University Library and the Law Library are open on Saturdays and Sundays. The Law Library is open from 11h00 until 17h00 and the University Library is open until 00h00. 

8. There is more than Google

Do you think you can find everything for your studies with Google? Then you have not taken our (online) courses yet. Discover how to collect, save and process reliable, academic, online and offline information for your paper or thesis.

9. The library in your pocket

Via our Catalogue, you have online access to many full-text publications: newspapers, e-journals, e-books, but also audio and video materials. The best way to access is by logging in with your ULCN account details immediately when you open the Catalogue – before you start searching. You can also download the app Browzine where you can save your favourite titles to your digital bookshelf for quick access. 

10. Decipher Einstein's notes

Decipher notes made by Einstein or follow a letter exchange with William of Orange: Via our Catalogue, you can browse century-old works by famous historical persons. Or request the real work for study or research purposes in the Special Collections Reading Room of the University Library.

11. Free museum

Visit our exhibitions of special collections: these would fit perfectly in a museum collection and are in fact regularly lent to museums. Who knows there may be a Rembrandt in our displays! Apart from exhibitions, we organize lectures together with Leiden museums and other institutions. 

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