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Course reserves provide students with easy access to course literature

This year the UBL launched a new and improved service for requesting course reserve shelves. Previously, only printed resources could be made available on a physical library shelf. Now teaching staff also have the ability of putting together online reading lists, making online resources such as articles, videos, monographs and newspaper articles, directly available for students through a link in Blackboard.

The new course reserves also ensure that teaching staff comply with copyright law, avoiding fines for infringement on the institute‚Äôs expenses. Only a limited number of publishers permit articles or chapters to be included in printed or digital readers for educational purposes. The new procedure provides access based on permalinks, assuring items are available within the requirements of copyright law.

Teaching staff can make a request in two easy steps: first by selecting items in the Catalogue, followed by uploading your selection to the Course Reserve Shelf Service. When a book is not available yet, teaching staff can put in a request for purchase. Once the library receives the request, staff will work to have the course reserves ready in time.

Visit the Course Reserves page for more information.

Services for teaching staff
Did you know the UBL offers more services for teaching staff? See our webpage for information on how to incorporate information literacy in your education, how to engage your students with our Special Collections, and to introduce them to source materials for use in your course.

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