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New Interface for the Catalogue

On 16 July a new interface will be launched for the Catalogue of Leiden University Libraries (UBL). The design of the new interface is based on the search behaviour and preferences of the users. It will also be easier to search the Catalogue on tablets and smartphones. The new interface has been adapted to the design of the UBL website.

The new interface makes it possible to see for each title whether it is a peer-reviewed article or if it is available in Open Access. It will also be simpler to retrieve and repeat previous searches. The arrangement of the filters has been adjusted and is more compatible with the choices made by catalogue users. It will also be easier to compile and manage individual lists using the ‘my favorites’ option. Users who created e-Shelves need not undertake any action to recover them in the new version, as all e-Shelves will be automatically transferred to the new tab structure.

From 16-27 July it will still be possible to use the previous interface version by clicking on a button in the new interface. Users of links will notice that the links still refer to the previous interface version in this period. After this period the links will be automatically adapted to the new environment.

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