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Delpher in National Roadmap Large-Scale Scientific Infrastructure

Yesterday the National Roadmap for Large-Scale Infrastructure was presented. This roadmap provides an overview of the large-scale research infrastructure and is a top priority for Dutch science.

Delpher is now included on the Roadmap. The Royal Library  set up Delpher along with other major heritage institutions such as Leiden University Libraries and the Library of the University of Amsterdam and manages  and develops the site, has previously joined the CLARIAH -PLUS project, which develops smart, user-friendly technologies to structure and open up collections.

As part of the national roadmap Delpher will be able to develop further as a national platform for digitized historical books, newspapers and magazines. Already many scientists and historians leisure Delpher indispensable in their research. In the future, it will apply to many more people. Delpher is already indispensable in their research to many academics and amateur historians. In the future it will be an indispensable tool for many more people. 

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