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A new website!

Leiden University Libraries has a new website with renewed content and a brand new design.

The new website is demand-driven and therefore more accessible to visitors. On the website is more space for images and the website is responsive for all screen sizes. The content is updated and on each page is space for related information. The website has extensive search capabilities. Each year more than 400.000 people visit the Leiden University Libraries website.

A new way to search with the bento box.
The new website allows you to enter your search query directly into the search box. You’ll be searching both the Catalogue and the library website. The results will be presented on the results page in a so-called bento box, named for the Japanese lunch box. The results will be broken up into several different boxes. If you click through on these results the desired item will open directly in the Catalogue. If you prefer the traditional layout, you can find a direct link to the Catalogue at the bottom of the homepage.

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