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Exhibition MNL250

The exhibition MNL250: Jubileum van een lettergenootschap will be on display in Leiden University Libraries from June 9 to September 20.


In 2016, the Society of Dutch Literature (MNL) exists
250 years. On the occasion of this anniversary Leiden
University Libraries and the MNL organize an exhibition
about the rich history, the organization and the many
activities of the Society. The exhibition MNL250:
Jubileum van een lettergenootschap
Anniversary of a letter association) can be seen in the
University Library from June 9 to September 20.

Society of Dutch Literature

The Maatschappij der Nederlandse Letterkunde (MNL)
or Society of Dutch Literature was founded in Leiden in
1766 for the practice and study of the Dutch language,
literature and history. The MNL is still an important
forum for writers and scholars in the Netherlands. With
lectures and discussions, prestigious awards and the
support of numerous other initiatives - cultural and
historical workshops, publications, the Digital Library
of Dutch Literature - the MNL makes an important
contribution to Dutch culture. The MNL has over 1700

Finest and largest collection

Since 1876 Leiden University Libraries manages the library of the MNL, housing one of the finest and most extensive collections in the Dutch language, literature, and history. The collection includes medieval manuscripts with unique surviving texts as The Novel from Walewein and the tales of the Esopet, books and archives of famous authors such as Jacob Cats, Nicolaas Beets, Fran├žois Haverschmidt and Frans Kellendonk, important collections of plays, New-Art books and illegally printed materials. A cross section of all of this can be seen at the exhibition.


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