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How do I activate my LU-Card?

If you want to use our library services, it's important that you have an activated LU-Card. You'll need this LU-Card to borrow books, to print or copy and to get access to the University Library and Law Library. Be aware that your student card is not the same as your LU-Card, you need to request the latter seperately. You received information in your student e-mail with your enrollment, now it's up to you to upload your passport photo.

How do I upload a photo?

Login with your ULCN-account at Account Self Service, go to 'my profile' and upload a passport photo. Make sure the photo meets all the requirements. You'll receive your LU-Card in the mail within 5 to 10 workdays on the correspondence address you entered in Studielink or on your enrollment form.


Before you can use your LU-Card, you first have to activate it. Because of the current coronavirus situation this won't happen in the University Library, but at the Van Eyckhof 4 building, the building right next to the UB. Activation is possible from 20 August until 2 October on workdays between 08:30 and 18:00. If you want to activate your LU-Card in The Hague, you can go to the Wijnhaven building whenever it's open. Important: bring a valid ID-card, passport or other identification document when you go to the university to activate your LU-Card. Make sure to keep an eye on your university e-mailbox, so you know well in advance when and where exactly to activate your LU-Card.

I don't have a LU-Card yet!

If you haven't yet received your LU-Card in the mail, you can request one yourself online. For more information about the request procedure for a LU-Card, check out the student website.

Printing and copying with your LU-Card

In order to print or copy with your LU-Card, you first have to make sure you have loaded enough credit on your card. You can put credit on your card through one of the PinPoint machines at the entrance of most library locations in Leiden and The Hague, or online through Webprint.

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