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If you want to use our library services, it's important that you have an activated LU-Card. You'll need this LU-Card to borrow books, to print or copy and to get access to the libraries. Be aware that your student card is not the same as your LU-Card, you need to request the latter separately.

Activate your LU-Card

First you have to upload a photo. Log-in in Account Self Service, go to 'My profile' and upload a photo. You will receive your LU-Card within 5 to 10 workdays at your adres. Foreign students who have not yet registered a Dutch home address with Leiden University will be notified by Plexus, as soon as their card is ready for pick-up after having requested it online.

When you receive your LU-Card, you have to activate it via the app READ-ID. When you receive your LU-Card you get a letter with the link to the app. This page will tell you what you need to confirm your identity.

  • Your ULCN credentials
  • Your valid identity document
  • A suitable smartphone (iPhone 7 or newer, Android OS 5.0 or higher)

What if you do not have a suitable smartphone?
Try to borrow a smartphone that meets the above requirements. It doesn’t matter if you don’t own the phone; it is simply a means to be able to perform the verification. After verification, no data remains on the mobile phone.

It isn’t possible to activate your LU-Card online if you don’t meet the requirements mentioned above. In that case you can go to a LU-Card Helpdesk, the adresses can be found in the right column on this page.


You need a LU-Card to be able to activate it!
1. Get a mobile phone and your identity document
2. Download the ReadID Ready app to your mobile phone
3. Go to the LU-Card activation page and login with your ULCN credentials
4. A QR code will appear on screen
5. Click on the QR code to open the ReadID Ready app
6. Scan your identity document with the camera of the mobile phone
7. Hold your identity document against your phone
8. Upon successful verification, you will see a confirmation on the mobile phone
9. Your LU-Card will be activated within two working days

If you experience problems with activating your LU-Card, you can visit a LU-Card Helpdesk. Questions? Visit the FAQ page with the most LU-Card related questions.

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