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Presentation and discussion

Open Access Luchbite @ICLON

Monday 9 May 2022 - Friday 13 May 2022
Participants may choose between two identical sessions on 9th or 13th May.
Monday 9th May: in A2.03 (Willem Einhoven Building); Friday 13th May in 1A22 (Pieter de la Court Building); if you wish to participate online, please indicate so on the registration form.

Governments, research funders and universities aim to make the results of publicly funded research accessible online to all: in this way, society as a whole can benefit from scientific developments and researchers reach a wider audience and increase the visibility and impact of their work.

To accelerate the transition to open access, a group of research funders, including NWO, joined forces in cOAltionS. cOAltion S launched PlanS a few years ago, with stricter open access requirements for research funded by this group. At the Centre for Digital Scholarship, a part of Leiden University Libraries, we provide practical tips to authors who want (or need) to publish open access. Topics covered include budgeting of a project application, deals with publishers, diamond journals, the use of preprint servers, and open access uploading in Leiden University's Scholarly Publications Repository (including the use of the Taverne Amendment).

At a policy level, we monitor where we are in the transition to open access. We look at the numbers, but also at the consequences of this transition for authors and institutions.

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