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Network meeting

Connect and Build: the future of data stewards at Leiden University

Tuesday 14 December 2021
With optional continuation of discussion until 14:30.
Online only
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The future of data stewards at Leiden University

Data stewards have been appointed in a few Leiden University faculties during 2021, and more appointments are planned during 2022. These appointments address a number of slightly different roles: in data management policy development, supporting the adoption of data management practices in research, and facilitating infrastructure. They align with the roles identified during several years of discussion about the professionalization of data stewardship in The Netherlands (see a history of this work in the collection of materials: Dutch projects in professionalizing data stewardship).

The data stewards will form a key part of the first-line support organized under the Leiden University Digital Competence Centre (DCC), a nationally adopted structure, proposed and given initial financial impetus by the NWO (see the May 2020 LCRDM report, DCC NL Implementation Network).

Coordination of first-line and second-line research support staff at Leiden is being planned in the context of the Leiden Research Support project.

This Connect& event will present an overview of the latest developments, and an opportunity to discuss how we can build and support an efficient network of data management staff across Leiden University.


  • Developments around the Leiden Digital Competence Centre and the role of data stewards:
    Laurents Sesink (Head of the Centre for Digital Scholarship and coordinator of the Leiden Digital Competence Centre)
  • First- and second-line support structure in the context of Leiden Research Support:
    Dennis Janssen (Programme Manager Leiden Research Support).
  • Discussion about the different roles that newly appointed data stewards are taking on and how they fit into this Leiden environment. We invite data stewards to say a few words about their role.

Data Management Network members should have already received a meeting link. Please contact datamanagement@library.leidenuniv.nl if you did not, or you’re not a member of the network but would also like to receive the meeting invitation.

This event is part of the “Connect and …” series of meetings arranged by, and for, the Leiden University Data Management Network.

The meetings take around the middle of the month, every month, at different days and times, so as to maximize access according to people’s different working hours. Topics and speakers are proposed by members of the Network.

You can post a suggestion in the Network’s MSTeams space, or write to datamanagement@library.leidenuniv.nl, if you have a topic you'd like to discuss in a future meeting and the CDS team will help to make it happen 

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