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Network meeting

Connect and Imagine: Can research software be managed?

Tuesday 15 June 2021
Online only
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Can research software be managed?

“Research software has a pivotal role in enabling reproducible research and open science.”

So says the LCRDM report on Research Software Sustainability in the Netherlands, published in January 2021 (see link below), and yet,

“While open access and fair data have received considerable attention in the context of open science policy in the Netherlands (see, for example, National Plan Open Science), this is not the case for research software and software sustainability.”


  • Summary of the LCRDM recommendations.
    Laurents Sesink, Leiden University (5 min.). 
  • TU Delft research software policy.
    Paula Martinez Lavanchy, TU Delft (5 min.).
  • The eScience Center’s software sustainability protocol.
    Jason Maassen, eScience Center (5 min.).
  • Discussion (40 min.).
  • Wrap up (5 min.).

Come and learn more about and discuss with us the LCRDM report, TU Delft research software policy, eScience Center’s software sustainability protocol and how these initiatives can contribute to managing research software at Leiden.

The event is primarily for members of the Leiden University Data Management Network, but please contact the datamanagement@library.leidenuniv.nl team if you work at Leiden University and would also like to receive the invitation.

LCRDM report “Research Software Sustainability in the Netherlands”, January 2021

This event is part of the “Connect and …” series of meetings arranged by, and for, the Leiden University Data Management Network.

The meetings take around the middle of the month, every month, at different days and times, so as to maximize access according to people’s different working hours. Topics and speakers are proposed by members of the Network.

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