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The Dutch Language in Tokugawa Japan

Friday 17 January 2020
University Library
Witte Singel 27
2311 BG Leiden

As is well known, the Dutch were the only Europeans to trade with Japan between c. 1640 and 1854. What is less well known is how the Dutch language was used in Japan during this period. Translations of some 1000 books were made from Dutch to Japanese, artists decorated their work with Dutch words and phrases, ceramics were glazed with Dutch words and Japanese maps used Dutch names in katakana script. Japanese were given Dutch names such as Willem Beterschap and Gerrit Pasop. This illustrated talk presents the many ways in which the Dutch language was used in Tokugawa Japan.

Chris Joby (Wydzialu Anglistik UAM, Poznan, Poland) is the 2019 Isaac Alfred Ailion Fellow at the Scaliger Institute. His research focuses on The Dutch Language in Tokugawa and early Meiji Japan.

The IAAF was established by Leiden University. Mabel Ailion bequeathed her estate to the University in 1983 on the condition that it would establish a foundation in memory of her father Isaac Alfred Ailion. The IAAF aims to cultivate and foster cultural relations between the Netherlands and Japan and to promote Japanese Studies at Leiden University. It takes the interests of the teaching and research in the field of Japanese Studies at Leiden University into account here.

The event is fully booked.

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