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Information Meeting about CLARIAH

3 May 2017

Vossius Conference Room (University Library)

CLARIAH is a large NWO-funded programme which aims to develop a distributed digital research infrastructure for the Humanities and the Social Sciences. One of the central objectives is to integrate existing data, corpora and tools and to make these available to as many researchers as possible. During this meeting, CLARIAH Task Force members Arjan van Hessen and Patricia Alkhoven will demonstrate some of the tools which can be accessed via CLARIAH (including the Media Suite, TLA, TexCavator, Anansi and Timbuctoo). The aim of this session is also to collect feedback from researchers at Leiden. Are there perhaps some locally developed tools and data sets which could eventually be made available to a wider audience via CLARIAH?

If you are interested in attending this meeting, please contact Peter Verhaar, e-mail: p.a.f.verhaar@library.leidenuniv.nl

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