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Publishing Open Access at ACM without additional costs

17 February 2021

Leiden University and the Association for Computing Machinery have reached an agreement for publishing Open Access in the societies journals, magazines and proceedings up to and including 2023.

As of this year, corresponding authors from Leiden University do not have to pay to make their articles published by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Open Access. ACM is the largest international organization for computer research worldwide. The society publishes over 60 journals and magazines and organizes over 170 conferences and symposia each year.

ACM hopes to switch to full Open Access publishing with the new ACM Open subscription model. According to the publisher, this goal could never be reached with the current offer of gold and hybrid Open Access journals the society has been experimenting with since 2013. The new model is designed in a way that the annual income for the society remains the same, while universities don’t have unforeseen expenses: the ACM Open deal means Leiden authors can publish an unlimited amount of Open Access articles during 3 years. All different types of articles are included in the deal, from research article to proceeding.

To use the new deal, corresponding authors must have an affiliation with the university at acceptance and make their affiliation known by using the university email address. A list of journals and magazines to which the deal applies can be found in the Journal Browser. Please be aware that some journals, for example The VLDB Journal, are co-publications with other societies such as IEEE and may not be included in the agreement.

You can read more about the agreeement and its details on the dedicated ACM page on openaccess.nl

Questions? Please contact openaccess@library.leidenuniv.nl.

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