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Maximum number of open access articles Oxford University Press has been reached

4 December 2020

The Open Access agreement that was concluded with Oxford University Press (OUP) publishers on behalf of the Dutch Universities is based on a maximum of 760 articles per year. Use of Open Access at OUP was very succesful this year. As a result, the maximum number of articles has been reached.

Accepted articles by corresponding authors from Leiden University are no longer eligible for Open Access publishing without costs to the author. The current agreement runs until 31 December 2020 and a renewal is under negotation. Please keep an eye on our communication about the renewal with OUP.

Authors who choose to publish Open Access even though the agreement has not yet been renewed, will have to cover the cost of publication themselves. No central funding is available to cover these costs and they are not covered by the library budget for national Open Access agreements.

If you have any queries or in case of doubt, you can consult the Open Access Team at the library via openaccess@library.leidenuniv.nl. You will also be able to discuss alternative options for open access publishing after the maximum number of open access publications has been reached for the calendar year.

Questions? Please contact openaccess@library.leidenuniv.nl.

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