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Activated LU-Card mandatory when visiting the library

4 December 2020

The new entrance gates at the University Library (UB) have recently been put back into operation. At the Law Library, the gates will be operational starting 7 December. The gates will require verification with an activated LU-Card both when entering and leaving the library. 

Study places

Additionally, at the UB, and soon at the Law Library and the Social and Behavioural Sciences Library as well, the verification of study places reservations by Leiden University students also involves an activated LU-Card. Reservations are linked to the user's LU-Card; at the library, users will be required to present their LU-Card at a card-reader.

  • Green light: your reservation is in order; 
  • Red light: report to the reception desk to find out what went wrong. 

The library is now researching how the verification system may be used to tackle the current no-show problem: students reserving study places without actually showing up. This way, we hope to make study places at the Leiden University Libraries available to Leiden University students as fairly and effectively as we can

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