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Maximum number of open access articles Springer almost reached!

14 October 2020

The open access agreement that has been concluded with Springer publishers on behalf of universities in the Netherlands is based on a maximum of 2,080 articles per year. Use of open access at Springer was again very succesful this year. Therefore the maximum number of articles has almost been reached. 

As soon as the maximum is actually reached, articles from corresponding Leiden University authors will no longer be eligible for open access publishing at no cost to the author until 31 December 2020. Authors wanting to publish a manuscript within the calendar year must therefore be careful when the open access option is offered in the Springer portal. Authors choosing to publish open access after the maximum number of publications has been reached must cover the cost of publication themselves. No central funding is available to cover these costs and they are not covered by the library budget for national open access agreements.

When logging into the Springer portal after receiving confirmation of acceptance of an article, researchers will see one of the two screens depicted below, depending on the availability of free open access publications. Indicated on each picture is the button researchers can use. 

In case of doubt, researchers can contact the library via openaccess@library.leidenuniv.nl. There, you will also be able to discuss alternative options for open access publishing after the maximum number of open access publications has been reached for the calendar year. 

Articles accepted on or after 1 January 2021 will again be eligible for open access publication at no cost to the author. 

If you have any questions? Please contact openaccess@library.leidenuniv.nl.

Screen 1: open access publications without cost to the author are still available. Choose the indicated option.

Screen 2: No open access publications without cost to the author remaining. Choose the indicated option (no open access). Only choose the other option (open access) if you are able to pay your own publication fee.

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