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NEW: Trial for SAGE Research Methods VIDEO

17 August 2020

Starting from the 17th of August till the 16th of October (during two months) the library offers trial access to the video package of SAGE Research Methods Online

SAGE Research Methods Video contains more than 125 hours of video, including tutorials, case study videos, expert interviews, and more, covering the entire research methods and statistics curriculum. The videos can help to bring methods to life: instead of reading about how to conduct a focus group, students can watch one in action. Stimulate class discussions by assigning videos for pre-class viewing, or use a clip in class to provide an alternative viewpoint. Videos can also be embedded into course management systems for exam preparation. Through these videos, 60% of which are exclusive to SAGE, students can find extra help and support to guide them through every step of their research project and succeed in their research methods course.

Please send your questions and comments to subject librarian Marijke van Kester:

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