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ORCID iD now showing on profile page

30 April 2020

Do you have an ORCID iD? From now on your iD will be automatically displayed on your profile page on the university website. With an ORCID iD you connect your name to all your scientific output, making it easier to create correct and clear overviews of your scientific publications.

What is ORCID?

An ORCID iD is a unique code that identifies you as a scientist in a reliable and consistent way, much like the social security number in a passport. 

ORCID is an international non-profit organization that focuses on making researchers and their work better connected and findable. This is done on the basis of an ORCID identifier (ORCID iD).

When you provide your ORCID iD when submitting a new publication, your work can always be correctly linked to you. In addition to articles, the ORCID iD can also be linked to other research output, such as datasets, educational material, presentations and posters.

ORCID iD displayed incorrectly?

What to do if the ORCID iD is not displayed, or displayed incorrectly on your profile page? You can set this yourself:

  • Go to LUCRIS 
  • Open My Settings (at the top right of the screen) > ORCID Settings
  • Enter or change your ORCID iD 

Consult the manual or the video tutorial if you need more information. 

No ORCID iD yet?

Creating an ORCID id takes less than a minute. Go to orcid.org/register and simply fill out your name and email and choose a password. Then link your ORCID iD to LUCRIS: log in to LUCRIS and add your ORCID iD in your research profile under the heading Research Identifiers. The ORCID iD will now automatically appear on your profile page on the university website.

Request an ORCID iD

Help and more information

Leiden University Libraries (UBL) provide support in creating an ORCID iD and in linking your iD to LUCRIS.  The UBL website provides more information on ORCID

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