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Free access to JoVE Science Education

30 March 2020

Until June 15, Leiden University teachers can use the educational videos and recorded experiments in their classroom.
Online education is harder to do for disciplines that rely on lab experiments such as biology, chemistry and physics. JoVE has been working for years on visualizing scientific concepts and documenting lab experiments to decrease the need for real life experiments and are offering their help by opening up their collection of Science Education videos until at least June 15. 
JoVE started out as the Journal of Visualized Experiments. The initial idea was that step by step instructions might improve the laboratory skills and could lead to better reproducibility of scientific results as the whole procedure is taped and nothing can be inadvertently left out of a protocol. In education this way of recording experiments also functions as a form of dry swimming in times when laboratory resources are hard to come by. This is why the publisher expanded its portfolio with courses on basic and advanced lab skills and core concepts in natural sciences, medicine and psychology.
Leiden users have access to the following collections:

Aeronautical Engineering
Analytical Chemistry
Basic Methods in Cellular and Molecular Biology
Behavioral Science
Biology I
Biology II
Biomedical Engineering
Cell Biology
Chemical Engineering
Cognitive Psychology
Developmental Biology
Developmental Psychology
Earth Science
Electrical Engineering
Emergency Medicine and Critical Care
Environmental Microbiology
Environmental Science Experimental Psychology
General Chemistry
General Laboratory Techniques
Inorganic Chemistry
Core: Biology
Core: Psychology
Lab Animal Research
Lab Bio
Lab Safety
Materials Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Microbiology
Neuropsychology Neuroscience
Nursing Skills
Organic Chemistry
Organic Chemistry II
Physical Examinations I
Physical Examinations II
Physical Examinations III
Physics I
Physics II
Sensation and Perception
Social Psychology
Structural Engineering

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