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Referencing correctly with Cite Them Right (trial)

5 March 2020

Cite Them Right

Until 1 April 2020 students and staff of Leiden University have trial access to Cite Them Right Online of MacMillan.

Cite Them Right Online (CTRO) is a comprehensive guide to referencing just about any source: books, journal articles, websites, twitter posts, sacred texts, government publications and much more. The emphasis is on known citation styles, such as APA, Chicago, Harvard and Vancouver.

The CTRO also includes tutorials on how to avoid plagiarism, how to create a bibliography and how to insert quotes in texts. 


Cite Them Right Online is available until 30 april 2020. The UBL then decides whether to continue the subscription or not based on the user statistics and the comments received as a result of the trial. 

If you have any comments or questions, please contact Susanne van Rijn.

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