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Read and Publish deal Royal Society of Chemistry

21 October 2019

Leiden University Libraries has renewed its subscriptions to the journals of the Royal Society of Chemistry. Open Access publishing is included for 2019.

As of March last year access to all subscription journals from the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) was suspended after national negotiations broke down. End of July 2019 individual libraries were allowed to negotiate with RSC and access was temporarily re-instated. Leiden University decided to opt for a read and publish deal over 2019. The cost of this deal is based upon the number of publications in 2017 and allows for an unlimited number of Leiden publications to be made Open Access in 2019.

The new deal includes perpetual access over both the old and new journal titles (2018 and 2019) the RSC publishes in these 2 years. All articles from 2019 with a corresponding author from Leiden University will be made Open Access with the exception of articles published in the full Open Access journals Chemical Science, RSC Advances and Nanoscale Advances. For articles that have already been published, this means the author will be asked by the RSC to change the license without additional costs to a CC-BY (preferred) or CC-BY-NC Open Access license.

To make use of the Open Access publishing opportunities, all the corresponding author has to do, is fill out the correct university email address in the licensing information once the article is accepted. The form will then let you choose an Open Access license and show a box with the information that all article processing costs (APCs) are covered. Any prices shown next to the license are there as indication of the general value of the publication and can be ignored. For an overview of the steps, please see the workflow guide.

Though there is a contract for 2018 and 2019, the contract specifics for 2020 still have to be chosen. The type of contract might also depend upon the number of articles the RSC receives this year. We will keep you informed once the contract for 2020 will be signed.

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