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Satisfy your binge-watching needs with Kanopy

12 February 2019

Over the past several years we have gotten a bit of experience with providing streaming access to individual films for our students and faculty, but starting the new year we offer access to the collections of Kanopy, making over 30.000 films and documentaries available.

Kanopy is, by far, the largest collection of such materials we have offered, with about 30,000 films available. The platform provides access to award-winning documentaries, training films and indie films on every topic imaginable from such distributors as Criterion and PBS. New titles are added each month.

Each video can be watched either on-campus or off-campus locations on any device, and each can be viewed by multiple users simultaneously. Links to individual films or collections can be included in course syllabi or other teaching materials. Public performance rights are included and nearly all films are provided with captions and transcripts.

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