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Decipher Ottoman manuscripts with LexiQamus

3 April 2018

Students and employees of Leiden University have now access to LexiQamus. This tool allows you to look up words in Ottoman Turkish, even if you cannot read all individual characters. This is useful while reading manuscripts or unclear reproductions of printed sources, where parts of words are often illegible. The tool provides a link to digital versions of the most common dictionaries of Ottoman Turkish.

The Leiden University Libraries are able to provide access thanks to a fund related to an education innovation project from the Middle Eastern Studies programma (Turkish track) and ECOLe (ExperticeCentrum Online Leren). As part of this project, the Ottoman Turkish courses of the bachelor’s and master’s programmes will be modernized by integrating present-day tools such as LexiQamus.


You can find LexiQamus in the library catalogue through the Find databases tab or by searching for LexiQamus. Students and staff at Leiden University have access outside the campus network by using their ULCN login data.

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