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Renovation backside University Library (Maliebaan)

1 February 2018

The offices on the ground floor at the back of the University Library will be renovated starting from Monday, February 5 until mid-September. There will be some inconvenience for visitors. Work that causes a lot of noise will end no later than 8:30 am. In exceptional cases this can be extended to 9:00 am.

This renovation is necessary for the creation of additional facilities for students and the creation of physical space for the Centre for Digital Scholarship
Due to the intensive use of the existing group study rooms and facilities, four additional group study rooms for students will be created. The Centre for Digital Scholarship (CDS) is in need of physical space to provide Leiden researchers and students with support, consultancy and training related to data management, open access and technology tools.
New work spaces will also be created for subject librarians, information specialists and for digital services staff.

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