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Trial Journal of Visualized Experiments

17 January 2017

Experiments are easier to replicate if you perform them in front of a camera. This is the central theme of the Journal of Visualized Experiments, JoVE for short. From January 15 until June 16, the full contents of JoVE are available at Leiden University on a trial base.  With the trial we get access to over 5.000 video articles from diverse disciplines varying from biology, (bio)chemistry, medicine and clinical skills.

Reproducing experiments is a common problem in the life sciences. Often a method or protocol is written in a way that requires a lot of experience to successfully conduct the experiment; standard steps and procedures may not have been mentioned. By visualizing the practical aspects of for example a skin transplant or the introduction of a biochemical marker in genes, it becomes impossible to skip a step in the description of an experiment. This is what makes JoVE an excellent tool for students and researchers who want to get started with new techniques. It prevents the spillage of time and materials and boosts new research.

Opposed to scientific videos on Youtube, video articles in JoVE are peer-reviewed and findable in scholarly search engines such as PubMed and Web of Science. Because JoVE is a journal, the videos are easy to cite.


Leiden University Libraries are very interested in the experiences of our users during the trial. If you want to share use cases, positive or negative stories, please contact the subject librarian of the Science department: r.m.de.jong@library.leidenuniv.nl

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