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Satisfaction survey LibQUAL+

In November 2023 the Leiden University Libraries (UBL) will conduct a large-scale survey of the satisfaction with its services among Leiden University students and staff. The survey will be conducted using LibQUAL+.

LibQUAL+ is a survey method used by libraries to understand their users’ experiences and to improve their quality of service. Central to the program is a web-based survey in which library users evaluate the offered products and services and offer suggestions for improvements. The questionnaire gauges the user’s expectations and the mate of his or her satisfaction with the level currently offered for each part of the services.

LibQUAL+ has participating libraries in Canada, the US, Australia, the United Kingdom and other European countries. The growing number of participants and the comprehensive set of data make LibQUAL+ a useful instrument for benchmarking. Making use of the comprehensive set of international data it is possible to compare the quality of UBL library services with that of other comparable libraries from home and abroad.

More information on LibQUAL+ is available on the organisation’s website.

We want to give students and staff the opportunity to give their opinion on UBL services through LibQUAL+. That information will help us improve our services. We will publish the conclusions drawn from the inquiry on our website and also indicate which improvements can be expected. The first results are expected mid-January 2024.

LibQUAL+ is a survey conducted online. The link to the questionnaire has been sent to you via your university email account.  

The complete LibQUAL+ questionnaire consists of 38 questions. Leiden uses LibQUAL-Lite, where respondents only are asked to answer 16 questions, which are selected at random from the 38 questions. For a portion of these questions you’ll be asked to indicate on a 9-point scale what level you would expect at a minimum, what level you experience and what level you would consider ideal. “Gaps” will be determined based on these answers, for example:

- a gap between the minimum and the experienced level: if the experienced level is lower than the desired minimum level that is a signal to the library to start improvements. For more information on this method we refer you the LibQUAL website.

LibQUAL+ treats the survey results confidentially. As it concerns an American organisation, they follow an American protocol, that of the American Psychological Association (APA). More information on this protocol can be found on the APA website.

The questionnaire is filled out anonymously and as a result the UBL only receives anonymous results. Even if you fill out your email address to enter into the prize draw, the anonymity of your answers is guaranteed. The UBL will not see your email address. If you “win” a prize, you will receive an email from LibQual.org, which states you can collect your prize. Collection will always be at one of the Leiden University Libraries.

All Leiden University students and staff can participate. Anyone with a Leiden University (ULCN) email address will receive an invitation containing a link to the web survey.

Filling out the 16 LibQUAL-Lite questions will take about 5 minutes. At the end you will be asked to fill out some demographical information.

The questionnaire ends with several questions regarding your demographical information. You will be asked to indicate in which discipline you work or study. It concerns a rough division as a complete list of all programmes would be far too long. The division differs from the one used in Leiden because we use a set up originating in the US, using American programmes.

The web survey will be available from November 14th 2023 to December 5th 2023.

You can email questions about the web survey to helpdesk@library.leidenuniv.nl or use Ask a librarian.

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